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Data Model

It is difficult to save the data without redundances, as there are some in the original data. As long as the LARCs are seen independently, this is no problem.

New Colors

New colors do not make for new IDs (i.e. approval codes) of coverings. Therefore, the approval code is not sufficient enough to distinct the validity of coverings without applying dates to covering colors.

Storing colors to every covering and color is redundancy galore.

Hence, the coverings are defined once, the colors are separated and connected with their LARC ids. So, the LARCs define the validity and the redundancy lies in the colors being connected to the same LARCs.

Expiration Dates

Some coverings have expiration dates in the list. This means, they will expire on the given date in contrast to the other coverings, that most likely will be valid after the expiration of the larc.